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Who writes this crap ?
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Who writes this crap ?

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Product Description:
No piece of writing escapes the satirical re-invention of these two acclaimed performance poets. Great fun - LOL funny (Big Issue in the North )

'Who writes this Crap owes its superb strike-rate to the fatuity and vacuity of all the verbal junk it so accurately mimics. From fancy snack foods (. . .) to corporate disclaimers, they leave no brand of modern toxic text unscorned' Independent            

Do you ever wonder who's responsible for the rubbish that you read every day?

In Who Writes this Crap, Stickley and Wright take the most ridiculous examples of junk mail, packaging, emails and advertising and rewrite them in side-splitting new ways. Whether it's a smoothie label, a newspaper headline or an unsolicited email from a Nigerian prince, this fun and irreverent satire will change the way you read forever.

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