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Lenor Dazzle 300ml
Product Name:

Lenor Dazzle 300ml

Product Price: $5.95 AUD plus postage and handling
Product Description:
Lenor "Parfum Des Secrets" is a new collection of sophisticated perfume fabric conditioner that feature alluring and enduring scents, designed to highlight the unforgettable appeal & irresistible, unique sensuality inside every one of us. The Dazzle variant features a charming scent, Lenor Parfum des Secrets Dazzle enthralls your senses with refreshing eucalyptus alongside a base of sophisticated floral patchouli, creating an energizing seductive lasting scent that epitomizes the hypnotizing moment of when two people captivate each other's attention.

The joy of the Secrets fabric softener range is that the fragrance lingers far longer than perfumes so that, once awakened, that glorious mood just lasts and lasts.

Alluring. Enduring. Lasts longer than perfume (on garments), Alluring fragrances with sophisticated and unique scent characters, Enduring scents that don't fade over time, Help to enrich and preserve the relationship with your clothes
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