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Cleaning Products » Laundry » Comfort intense pearls fuchsia passion 275g

Comfort intense pearls fuchsia passion 275g
Product Name:

Comfort intense pearls fuchsia passion 275g

Product Price: $10.95 AUD plus postage and handling
Product Description:
  • Comfort intense fuchsia passion perfume pearls is an extra fragrance in-wash scent booster for clothes
  • Add alongside your favourite fabric conditioner and detergent to deliver a fantastic overall laundry fragrance
  • Transform your laundry experience by placing the scented fragrance perfume pearls into your machine drum
  • This fragrance booster made from concentrated perfume pearls will slowly dissolve during the wash and infuse the fibres of your clothes with an extra fragrance burst
  • The concentrated perfume pearls contain much more fragrance than fabric conditioner alone, enhancing your overall washing fragrance
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