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Lenor Fabric Conditioner Winter Wonderland 50 Washes


Lenor Fabric Conditioner Winter Wonderland 50 Washes, 1.65L

Discover Mrs Hinch’s Winter Edition with Lenor Fabric Conditioner / fabric softener Frosted Rose Wonderland. The fragrance is inspired by the warm, floral notes of rose & white flowers whilst hints of apple & citrus bring a fresh, fruity tone. Lenor Frosted Rose Wonderland Fabric Conditioner makes you feel good in all your fabrics with Lenor’s freshness. Providing long lasting freshness for up to 1 week, heavenly plant-based softness and easy ironing. Use in combination with Bold detergent and Lenor scent booster for deep clean and matching scent.
Fabric conditioner for a long lasting freshness, a fresh bed every night up to 1 weekTake a walk through a frosted woodland on a fresh winter’s day. Notes of rose & white flowers bring a warm, floral experience whilst hints of apple & citrus bring a fresh fruity toneTry the Frosted Rose Wonderland Dream Team, recommended by MRS HINCH: Bold + Lenor Fabric Conditioner + Lenor Scent BoosterConditioning softness, for soft and fluffy fabrics, less wrinkling, easier ironing and decreased static clingProtects from fading, bobbling and stretching in the wash