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What makes Best of British WA’s leading British and Irish Sweet Shop?


What makes Best of British WA’s leading British and Irish products?

We supply British Groceries, Confectionary, Laundry Products and so much more!

Best of British has cemented its reputation as the leading British food shop in Perth, stocking Irish, English, Welsh, and Scottish products, thanks to a simple ethos – bringing the taste of home a little closer. While it might have been a while since we’ve been home, there’s no reason we shouldn’t enjoy the small luxurious and favoured groceries we miss.

Run by friendly expats who are passionate about finding all the best original products for you to enjoy, each grocery item is shipped directly from the UK to guarantee only genuine (and delicious!) grocery items and treats are sourced.

Premium British food shop in Perth

We’re all about having the best of both worlds; living it up in the Perth sunshine while tucking into classic food items that trigger a serious case of nostalgia! While certain supermarkets try to stock a few products from the homeland, there’s no competing with the extensive range of grocery items found on our shelves.

Find your favourite drinks like Galaxy Instant Hot Chocolate, Mi Wadi Lemon, PG Tips teabags or Barry’s Tea, and stock up on classic pantry items like Alpen cereal, Colemans mustard, and Stute’s diabetic Jam. It’s the many unique grocery items found in store or online that makes us the preferred choice of British and Irish grocery stores Perth.

Incredible selection of confectionary

Nothing speaks of home like munching on an array of classic treats that you used to buy from the local shop. When it comes to Irish and British sweets Perth, Best of British has stocked all the best brands; Yorkie and Galaxy bars, Terry’s Chocolate Orange, and even Chewits and Wine Gums. Just call us Willy Wonka!

For those who prefer savoury snacks, we have plenty of Irish and British crisps in here in Perth and online. From Monster Munch, Quavers, and Walkers Squares, to the iconic Scampi Fries and McVities Mini Cheddars, we have something to satisfy any craving. 

Quintessential laundry items

Years of experience operating the most beloved British food store Perth has taught our knowledgeable staff a thing or two about nostalgia. Many customers pop in for a treat and stay for a full grocery shop, caught up in the incredible range of products they had almost forgotten about. 

British and Irish laundry products are some of our most popular items, with the resulting smell and feel of clothes washed in Fairy Non-Bio pods, or dried using Lenor’s tumble sheets, bringing up heaps of loving sentimentality. Why not try Mrs Hinch cleaning pods, a new partnership with iconic laundry brand Bold!

Leading suppliers of British products

Jemma Cousins decided to follow in her UK grandparents footsteps, and run a food shop. Best of British was born from her love of familiar treats and favourite groceries not available to her and fellow expats here WA, complimented by a knack for retail and a background in IT. 

Passionate about running a full-stocked Irish and British food store in Perth, importing straight from the UK, Jemma works hard to source any and all retro or contemporary products craved by her valued loyal customers. For more information or to enquire after a favourite treat, get in touch today!

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