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which british chocolate should I choose

Which British chocolate is right for me?


Which British chocolate is right for me?

There are so many options – let us help you choose!

It can be said that one of the trickiest food items to adjust to after a moving to Australia is chocolate. Not that the bars and biscuits here don’t taste nice (it’s still chocolate after all!), but the flavour just doesn’t compare to that of an epic Nestle Lion Bar from back at home. The range of delicious creations cooked up by chocolate confectioners in Britain and Ireland are simply divine, and boast a unique taste packed with flavour. Luckily, Best of British is able to deliver to you the best British chocolates in Perth.

British sweets in Perth

From the incomparable indulgence that comes from a British made Galaxy bar (are you a Minstrels or a Galaxy Smooth Orange person?), to the addictive taste of Walkers Toffee, the selection of sweets and treats created in the UK are in the realm of Willy Wonka’s imagination. 

Now, those Australians who have never visited the UK or Ireland, might be a bit confused . Everyone’s heard of the famous British fish and chips, but the best chocolate?! Rather than take our word for it, why not try some for yourself. Pop by Best of Britain’s store in Joondalup or simply browse our wide selection online; both are stocked with sweets and other amazing British chocolate, Perth-based and ready to be devoured!

Original Cadburys taste

While Cadbury’s chocolate boasts a huge following here in Australia, we Brits and the Irish amongst us hate to break the news to you. It doesn’t taste the same as the classic UK and Irish made versions! Each impeccable square of the classic Cadbury’s Dairy Milk chocolate bar is incredibly smooth and delicious, making it one the most popular sweets brands back home.

In 2017 there was a big outcry in England when Cadbury’s moved their chocolate production out to Poland. Since this traumatic event (granted, a slight exaggeration) the iconic chocolate makers have since restored part of their production to their Historic Bournville factory, with a recent announcement declaring a £75m investment for that location.

Irish chocolate in Perth

Cadbury’s Irish branch, in Dublin, has also been long renowned for creating some of the tastiest chocolate known to humankind (just the humble opinion of this writer!), with rich Irish dairy contributing to a sumptuous taste and luscious, creamy texture. From the moreish taste of Cadbury Tiffin Bar the whopping mouthful a Starbar delivers, the classic Cadburys taste simply cannot be replicated. 

Traditional toffee

One arena of British confectionery that’s already deservedly renowned is toffee. One of the UK’s oldest makers of toffee in the traditional method is Walker’s Nonsuch, which we’re proud to sell as part of our premium range of British sweets in Perth. 

For those who love a taste of savoury with their sweets, Walkers Liquorice toffees are the ultimate option! Having been creating these world famous treats from Longton, Stoke on Trent, for generations, it’s no wonder Walkers toffees are a personal favorite of many of our loyal customers here at Best of British.

The best British chocolate shop in Perth

With so many flavours and unique types of chocolate treats available, choosing which delicious UK and Irish confectionery bar to enjoy first can be a challenge when shopping with Best of British! Many of our Aussie customers think they know their way around our sweets aisle, but leave astounded after discovering a Nestle Walnut Whip (chocolate coated whipped vanilla fondant anyone?), or a uniquely-flavoured Carmac bar (caramel taste of goodness!).

An absolute favourite brand of ours, Galaxy chocolate, has also launched an incredible new chocolate bar called Galaxy Smooth Orange. If you’re in the mood for trying something new, this is a delicious combination of great chocolate taste with added fruity flavour. Orange’s must be in season, as Nestle’s classic Aero bar now comes in an Intense Orange flavour; a must-try for fans of Aero’s light, bubble texture.

Experience taste heaven with Best of British

When it comes to sweet treats and British and Irish chocolate, Perth can be a bit lacking due to its isolated location and sheer distance from our home counties on the Emerald Isle and Britain. . Run by a friendly bunch of expats right here in WA, Best of British has worked hard to combat this dire shortage of the world’s best chocolate, gathering all the best brands for you to enjoy on this side of the world.

Browse our extensive online collection of Irish and British chocolate in Perth, or pop into our fully stocked Joondalup store to choose your new favourite treat in person! Should you have any queries about the range we offer as the best British chocolate shop in Perth or would like to request the ordering of a specific product, don’t hesitate to get in touch today. We’ll do our utmost to help you!


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