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3 ways you can enjoy British or Irish foods in Australia

Craving Home Comforts? You’re Not Alone!

Why do British and Irish foods trigger such a sense of nostalgia for so many expats who’ve chosen to live abroad?

After all, when you move to a new country, especially one like Australia, you’re usually ready to embrace new experiences. And there’s definitely plenty to love about the Aussie lifestyle – starting with sunshine and sandy beaches. Not to mention BBQs you can reliably schedule in advance!

But, even in the land of kangaroos, koalas and dolphins, occasionally, bouts of homesickness can strike. And you feel the need to reminisce about your life and loved ones in Britain or Ireland.

Not the rainy days, pebble beaches or traffic jams, of course. We’re talking about the fun stuff. A trip to your local pub. A fly-free walk through the rolling countryside. And all the food, drinks and sweets you’ve enjoyed for years.

Sweet Memories Of Home

Tucking into a proper treat like Hula Hoops, Jaffa Cakes or a cup of Barry’s Tea is like taking a quick trip home.

There’s something special about rediscovering the tastes and smells from a place you once lived. It’s like taking a meander down memory lane.

So, what’s an expat in Australia to do? Well, keep calm and read on. Here are three suggestions when you crave your favourite treat or, even, the comforting smell of your trusted laundry powder.

Call Home For A Care Package

British Food Shop Perth - British Grocery Stores Perth | Best of British

You can always ask your family or friends living back home to send a care package. They’ll probably enjoy putting together a selection of treats or grocery products.

But There Are A Few Challenges…
  • The cost of sending your package from Britain or Ireland might exceed the cost of the contents.
  • If there are chocolates inside (and why wouldn’t there be) – will they survive the trip without melting?
  • Finally, there may be problems or extra charges to pay when the parcel goes through customs.

We’re not ones to toot our own horn but, if you like this option, you can order a care package from us.

We’ve already dealt with all of the above hassles for you. So, it’s easy and fun without the frazzle! (Wait… did someone say Frazzles?)

Check Out A Supermarket

Some Aussie supermarkets stock an extremely small range of UK products. They generally order a small number of items in bulk.

Before you buy, check the packaging carefully to ensure you’re getting the authentic product sourced from your home country. And remember, they may not regularly offer the products you love.

Luckily, if you prefer shopping from a family business with a consistently wide selection of products, there are other local options.

Visit Best Of British – Online Or In Our Perth Store

British Food Shop Perth - British Grocery Stores Perth | Best of British

Whether you live in Oz or abroad, you can shop from the huge selection of UK and Irish products in our online store. We’re open 24/7 and we deliver Australia-wide – that makes us a great option for special occasion gifts.

And, if you’re lucky enough to live in Perth – you can pop into our spacious Joondalup store to get your treats-from-home fix.

So, if you’re an expat living in Australia – there’s no need to miss out on the British or Irish foods and products you love. Home’s a little closer than you thought, so relax, reminisce and start enjoying the best of both worlds!

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