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Here are some of the top British and Irish cleaning products


Here are some of the top British and Irish cleaning products


Find Minky, Mrs Hinch, and much more!

Just like margarine will never replace butter (on toast at least), supermarket cleaning brands can never take the place of classic British and Irish cleaning products Perth. While there are many Australian products to choose from, there’s something about the toughness of Flash All-Purpose spray, and the smell of a Zoflora disinfectant, that makes everything feel cleaner.


Dealing with home cleaning is not the mission it once seemed. For the past few years the idea of efficient tidying up and regular deep cleans has grown popular, thanks to social media influencers like Mrs Hinch (changing our lives one cleaning hack at a time), and shows like Tidying up with Marie Kondo (teaching the world to organise, properly!).


So why not tackle those cleaning chores head on, grabbing some of your much beloved Irish and British laundry products and cleaning sprays from Best of British as key motivation. Your mum will be so proud!

Tried and tested

There’s a reason why so many laundry cleaning products from Britain and Ireland are lauded around the world, and it has a lot to do with quality. Long standing family businesses that focused on well-made, premium products have led to the success of a lot of the brands we recognise today. 


This dedication to hard work, and consistently improving results over generations, has led to amazing product quality that can be relied on to tackle even the most foul of clean-ups. That said, it might just be their delicious fragrances (bringing bucketloads of nostalgia) that keep so many customers loyal to their favourite Irish and British cleaning products Perth!

Freshen up that laundry

Whenever you take a trip home, it’s often the smell of freshly washed clothes at your parents house that has the ability to send you back to childhood. This can be a fantastic thing to recreate here in Perth with British and Irish laundry products, as wearing that smell all day has a supreme ability to put you in a good mood.


Bold Washing Powder and Pods are a best seller, thanks to their powerful clean and delicious smell. They’re even Mrs Hinch cleaning approved, with a sold-out collaboration of winter edition pods! 


Astonish Laundry Stain Remover is a staple for many UK families, and Lenors line of laundry products are a fantastic choice for quality. But that’s not it… From Fairy Fabric Conditioner and Cold Wash Gel, to everyone’s favorite Fairy Non-Bio Pods, when it comes to classic Irish laundry products we have them all. 

An astonishingly clean oven

At Best of British we absolutely love Minky cleaning products; from scourers and anti-bacterial sponges, to cleaning dusters and cloths, each one is perfectly designed to remove any sign of dirt from your home. Pair Minky with the Astonish’s Oven and Cookware Cleaner and see your stove transform and gleam.


For those Irish shoppers looking for a deep clean, remember that yellow bottle found under the sink in every home?! Well now you can have your own original Cif Cream Cleaner, along with multiple Cif sprays designed to lift anything off your oven and grill. And when it comes to the dishes, there’s no better choice for Irish cleaning products Perth than the iconic Fairy washing up liquid.

Irish and British cleaning products Perth

Whether you’re in the market for an exciting new cleaning product, or have been missing your favourite scrubs and sprays from home, we stock an extensive range of British and Irish hygienic products that will knock your socks off. Here are a few superior brands we’re excited to recommend:


If you’ve never witnessed the magic of Febreze Fabric spray, well, you’re missing out. It truly freshens any sofa, blanket, or item of clothing with a few squirts, and the clean scent will be a breath of fresh air. For added refreshment try Febreze’s Air Mist and Air Fresheners.

Scrub Daddy

This uniquely named washing up tool, also known as Scrub Mommy, is a smiley face sponge that adapts to the water temperature for prime cleaning; hard in cold water and soft in warm water. They even have Daddy Caddys; the perfect suction holder to keep your scrubber safe and clean! Their scourers and erasers also do a fantastic job at tackling any tough stains, and the ever popular Screen Daddy product makes laptop or phone screen cleaning a piece of cake.


With an extensive range of scents, including warm winter and fresh grassy summer smells, Zoflora Disinfectants can be a transformative addition to any cleaning cupboard. These multi-purpose cleaning products are concentrated, making it a cinch to dilute and tackle large areas while killing 99.9% of germs.

A safe choice

While there are many reasons for choosing premium Irish and British cleaning products Perth, from quality and reliability to nostalgia, the reality is these soaps and scrubs are the safest choice. The health and safety standards in the UK and Ireland are tough, ensuring each spray bottle passes the test for both quality of ingredients and safety for kids. 


When you select a cleaning product you’re not just choosing for yourself, but for all the family and friends you live with, and host at your home. It’s an unfortunate reality that many cheaper products you see on the shelves are not properly regulated, but by choosing Made in Britain or Irish Quality approved options, you can rest assured you’ve made the safe choice.

Keep clean with Best of British

Not everyone understands the ups and downs of living abroad, particularly at a time when travel home isn’t possible. The Best of British team knows the feeling exactly, which is why we’re so passionate about making all your favourite products from Britain and Ireland available right here in Australia.

As well as all the best cleaning and laundry brands, we stock tons of iconic sweets, treats, and even footy merch; perfect for keeping any homesickness at bay. Browse our extensive range online of British and Irish cleaning products Perth, or pop into our Joondalup store to have a look in person. For any questions please get in touch, we’re happy to help wherever we can!

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