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Missing some of the tastes from home


Missing some of the tastes from home?


Best of British have some of the best British and Irish sweets available in Perth

Let’s not beat around the bush. Whether you hail from England, Ireland, Scotland, or Wales, we all know that our sweets and crisps taste better. Hersheys smersheys, pass me that Cadbury’s! Or if you’re an Aussie yet to experience the joy that a Galaxy chocolate bar can bring, where have you been?!

Living abroad can bring a multitude of blessings into your life, but being so far from home can also have its downsides. As well as missing family and friends, going without your favourite treats is no good for anyone! Best of British is here to help, gathering all the classic crisps, chocolate, and goodies from home for you to enjoy right here in Australia.

Comfort food that can’t be beat

What is about the chocolate from our side of the pond that makes it taste so good? If it’s the quality of milk, then fingers crossed those cows keep doing what they’re doing, because it is truly delicious! Whatever the reason, many Brits in Australia struggle to get used to the lacklustre chocolate and sweets available Down Under.

Well, suffer no more. With an extensive range of premium British sweets available right here in Perth, you can indulge in all your favourite treats just as you would back home. From Galaxy chocolate bars like Caramel and Ripple, to salt and vinegar crisps from Walkers, we have all the classics for you to enjoy.

The perfect sugary gift

One of the best presents you can buy for a fellow ex-pat is a reminder from home, but with postage from Britain and Ireland being so expensive (and slow!) it’s rarely a viable option. What if you could wander around a classic British corner store, choosing some of the best treats for your mates birthday present? 

With Best of British you absolutely can. Visit our brick and mortar store in Joondalup, North Perth, to browse the aisles for that perfect tasty gift. A favourite option is a big ‘ol pile of sweets or British pick n’ mix in Perth. We stock Fruit Pastilles and Love Hearts, Dip Dabs and Drumsticks, Polo’s and Black Jackets, Wine Gums and Chewits, to name just a few of our bestsellers.

Terry’s Chocolate Orange anyone?!

We all have our favourites. You know, that one chocolate bar you spy in the sweets aisle that you simply cannot resist. If you’re missing your choice british confectionery treats from the UK, check out our extensive range of classic British chocolates in Perth. We bet you’ll spy an old favourite treat amongst all the bars and bags of treats, be it a Yorkie chocolate bar or a Curly Wurly.

Christmas and birthdays can be tough holidays when it comes to feeling homesick, but with our range of premium British chocolate you can relax and enjoy each nostalgic bite. Whether your family’s favoured seasonal treat was Fry’s Chocolate Cream, Walnut Whips, or a Terry’s Chocolate Orange, we have just what the doctor (or Santa Claus) ordered!

Best British crisps in Perth

If you have recently moved to Australia, be it for travel or some life experience, the snack selection can be a tough adjustment. For example, do Australian salt and vinegar crisps even have vinegar on them? Our mouths should be tingling! 

If you’ve been yearning for your favourite British crisps in Perth, browse our excellent selection and find those nostalgic packets of crisps that will have you licking your fingers. We stock Walkers Monster Munch, Hula Hoops, Disco crisp flavours, Wotsits, Scampi Fries, and Cheese and Onion in Australia, to name but a few.

Our brick and mortar store in Joondalup stocks all the best British crisps in Perth, as well as a fully stocked website where you can have all your favourite packets of crisps delivered right to your door. 

Something (delicious) for everyone

For the Irish around Western Australia, nothing beats the flavour of Tayto’s Cheese and Onion flavoured crisps, although the iconic Smiths Bacon Fries (often found at the local pub along with their Scampi Fries!) come a close second.

Whatever your snack of choice from the UK and Ireland might be, the team at Best of British has worked hard to make them available to you here in your new home away from home. Choose a selection of treats as a fantastic present, or stock up on your ultimate British sweets in Perth for the greatest late night snack ever.

The tastes of home

Nostalgia is a powerful thing, with the ability to bring us extreme joy and happiness. When it comes to memorable treats like the delicious crisps and chocolates we grew up with, the taste combines with nostalgia in a way that will blow your mind!

So why not make yourself feel amazing, with some iconic British pick n mix in Perth. When was the last time you had a REAL sherbet lemon sweet, or sour apple, bon bon, sarsaparilla, fruit salad, humbug, or banana sweets and Fruit Gum? Too long we’ll bet! Break that tasteless cycle and head to your favoured supplier of iconic British sweets right here in Perth.

Indulge with Best of British

As passionate suppliers of all things from the UK and Ireland, the team at Best of British is here to bring you nostalgia from home without those extortionate shipping costs. From chocolate oranges to salt and vinegar crisps, we can help satisfy those cravings!

As well as iconic British chocolates in Perth, we also stock an epic range of football merchandise, kids toys, beauty products, and much more. For further details on our extensive range of British chocolate in Perth, along with crisps and sweets, browse our online store, or for any queries please get in touch today. We’ll be happy to hear from you!

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