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Flash Sparkling Kitchen Crisp Lemon


Flash Sparkling Kitchen Crisp Lemon 800Ml

  • Flash Sparkling Kitchen Spray.

    Keep your kitchen surfaces clean with Flash Sparkling Kitchen Spray.

    Spray. Wipe. Done.


    • Cuts grease
    • Performs a safe, hygienic clean
    • With plant-based ingredient

    Fragrance: Crisp Lemon

    Size: 800ml (Approx.)


Flash Spray Wipe Sparkling Glass Cleaner Lavender & Rosemary 800Ml


Flash Spray Sparkling Glasses Cleaner Lavender & Rosemary 800Ml

  • Flash Spray.Wipe.Done. Cleaning Spray will change the way you clean your glossy surfaces, turning your To-do into a Ta-daa! Just spray it everywhere, wipe it over and you are done! It’s that simple! It instantly removes grease on your surfaces with no extra steps – no rinsing, no scrubbing, no streaks. It leaves nothing behind but sparkling clean thanks to the plant-based ingredient (82% of total surfactants, which are subject to processing)!
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Flash Pet Lovers Surface Cleaner Spray


Flash Pet Lovers Surface Cleaner Spray with Febreze technology eliminates even lingering pet odours and leaves fresh citrus scent. Cuts through up to 100% of pet messes, whether around the pet bowl, bed or litter tray. Suitable for use on all surfaces around the house, except oiled wood or unfinished floor.

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