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Elbow Grease Drain Unblocker


Elbow Grease Drain Unblocker


Elbow Grease Drain Unblocker 750ml

Elbow grease drain un-blocker is very easy to pour and works quickly to unblock sinks, showers and baths. The liquid works Elbow effectively to sink through standing water and quickly reach the blockage point while at the same time killing those unwanted odours that blockages can cause.

Use this liquid drain cleaner once a week to clear blockages and slow-running drains anywhere in your home. Just pour the liquid down the plughole to attack the blockage directly, and after waiting 5 minutes, flush with hot water (allowing longer for tough clogs).

With a formula that clears drains 3x better than bleach, getting rid of blockages and their unpleasant odours, Elbow Grease Drain Unblocker is the drain pipe unblocker that allows you to clean even less.

Dissolves hair & grease glogs

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