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The best Irish gifts from Best of British

ireland cushion cover


The best Irish gifts from Best of British

There are so many options – let us help you choose!

Are you trying to find a great gift for an Irish friend in Australia? Here at Best of British, we’ve got an extensive Irish gift selection, from birthday gifts to Christmas stocking stuffers, promotion gifts, housewarming presents, or little gifts just because.

There’s always a good reason to give the gift of Eire. So check out our ultimate guide to the best Irish gifts for any occasion.

Irish gifts for the home

Bring the Emerald Isle to your Irish friends in Australia with these great gifts for the home.

1000-piece Guinness puzzle

The whole family can celebrate some of the best moments in Guinness history with this fantastic 1000-piece puzzle featuring some iconic ads from the company’s 260-year history.

Irish flag cushion cover

This Ireland-themed cushion cover is machine washable and measures 44 x 44cm, making it a great way to cosy up to a little bit of home on the couch. 

Ireland travel mug

Irish travel mugs make great gifts for the guy or girl on the go. Impressions of Ireland features artful green-and-white designs, while the Wacky Woollies travel mug is an ideal Irish gift for the younger ones (or young at heart).

Guinness gifts

If you know an Irish person in Australia who’s thirsty for a taste of home, whilst we cannot provide the Guinness we can provide the official Guinness Pint glass to put it in. 

Guinness coasters

Our Guinness cork coaster set is a classy Irish gift for the one who enjoys a quiet tipple without leaving a nasty mark on your bar !If a set of 4 isnt enough then check out the 20-pack of Guinness beer mats featuring 5 different heritage advertisement designs. 

Guinness bottle openers

Every Irish home bar needs a Guinness-themed bottle opener. Choose from the classic wall-mounted bottle opener or a metallic bottle opener shaped like the iconic toucan balancing a perfect pint.

Guinness pint glasses (in-store only)

Pour a couple of pints of the black stuff into these official Guinness glasses. We’ve got a glass and bottle opener gift pack or toucan two-pack featuring John Gilroy’s original design, both available in our Perth store now.

Irish gifts for the office

Bring a little Irish spirit into the office with these great desktop gifts. They’re great craic and corporate-approved.

Ireland desktop flag

Encourage your Irish friend to show their colours at work with a desktop Irish flag made of high-quality materials, including a sturdy stand.

Guinness cufflinks

The ideal Irish gift for father’s day, celebrating a promotion, or just because these official Guinness cufflinks give any suit a touch of Irish style. With a 3D Guinness pint, they are subtle and stylish. 

Little gifts and stocking stuffers

Looking for a last-minute Irish gift? Whatever you need, and whatever your budget, we’ve got a grand range of little gifts. 

Irish stubby holders

Choose between an Irish flag design or Irish and Australian flag together, both under $10. These stubby holders make an excellent gift for any Irish or Irish-Australian friend. 

Where to find Irish gifts in Perth

Best of British has a huge range of high-quality Irish gifts in our Perth store and online, including licenced Guinness merchandise and gifts for all budgets. We deliver all over the country with express shipping available. So you can grab a great gift for your Irish friends in Australia and have it delivered in no time.

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Which British chocolate is right for me?

which british chocolate should I choose


Which British chocolate is right for me?

There are so many options – let us help you choose!

It can be said that one of the trickiest food items to adjust to after a moving to Australia is chocolate. Not that the bars and biscuits here don’t taste nice (it’s still chocolate after all!), but the flavour just doesn’t compare to that of an epic Nestle Lion Bar from back at home. The range of delicious creations cooked up by chocolate confectioners in Britain and Ireland are simply divine, and boast a unique taste packed with flavour. Luckily, Best of British is able to deliver to you the best British chocolates in Perth.

British sweets in Perth

From the incomparable indulgence that comes from a British made Galaxy bar (are you a Minstrels or a Galaxy Smooth Orange person?), to the addictive taste of Walkers Toffee, the selection of sweets and treats created in the UK are in the realm of Willy Wonka’s imagination. 

Now, those Australians who have never visited the UK or Ireland, might be a bit confused . Everyone’s heard of the famous British fish and chips, but the best chocolate?! Rather than take our word for it, why not try some for yourself. Pop by Best of Britain’s store in Joondalup or simply browse our wide selection online; both are stocked with sweets and other amazing British chocolate, Perth-based and ready to be devoured!

Original Cadburys taste

While Cadbury’s chocolate boasts a huge following here in Australia, we Brits and the Irish amongst us hate to break the news to you. It doesn’t taste the same as the classic UK and Irish made versions! Each impeccable square of the classic Cadbury’s Dairy Milk chocolate bar is incredibly smooth and delicious, making it one the most popular sweets brands back home.

In 2017 there was a big outcry in England when Cadbury’s moved their chocolate production out to Poland. Since this traumatic event (granted, a slight exaggeration) the iconic chocolate makers have since restored part of their production to their Historic Bournville factory, with a recent announcement declaring a £75m investment for that location.

Irish chocolate in Perth

Cadbury’s Irish branch, in Dublin, has also been long renowned for creating some of the tastiest chocolate known to humankind (just the humble opinion of this writer!), with rich Irish dairy contributing to a sumptuous taste and luscious, creamy texture. From the moreish taste of Cadbury Tiffin Bar the whopping mouthful a Starbar delivers, the classic Cadburys taste simply cannot be replicated. 

Traditional toffee

One arena of British confectionery that’s already deservedly renowned is toffee. One of the UK’s oldest makers of toffee in the traditional method is Walker’s Nonsuch, which we’re proud to sell as part of our premium range of British sweets in Perth. 

For those who love a taste of savoury with their sweets, Walkers Liquorice toffees are the ultimate option! Having been creating these world famous treats from Longton, Stoke on Trent, for generations, it’s no wonder Walkers toffees are a personal favorite of many of our loyal customers here at Best of British.

The best British chocolate shop in Perth

With so many flavours and unique types of chocolate treats available, choosing which delicious UK and Irish confectionery bar to enjoy first can be a challenge when shopping with Best of British! Many of our Aussie customers think they know their way around our sweets aisle, but leave astounded after discovering a Nestle Walnut Whip (chocolate coated whipped vanilla fondant anyone?), or a uniquely-flavoured Carmac bar (caramel taste of goodness!).

An absolute favourite brand of ours, Galaxy chocolate, has also launched an incredible new chocolate bar called Galaxy Smooth Orange. If you’re in the mood for trying something new, this is a delicious combination of great chocolate taste with added fruity flavour. Orange’s must be in season, as Nestle’s classic Aero bar now comes in an Intense Orange flavour; a must-try for fans of Aero’s light, bubble texture.

Experience taste heaven with Best of British

When it comes to sweet treats and British and Irish chocolate, Perth can be a bit lacking due to its isolated location and sheer distance from our home counties on the Emerald Isle and Britain. . Run by a friendly bunch of expats right here in WA, Best of British has worked hard to combat this dire shortage of the world’s best chocolate, gathering all the best brands for you to enjoy on this side of the world.

Browse our extensive online collection of Irish and British chocolate in Perth, or pop into our fully stocked Joondalup store to choose your new favourite treat in person! Should you have any queries about the range we offer as the best British chocolate shop in Perth or would like to request the ordering of a specific product, don’t hesitate to get in touch today. We’ll do our utmost to help you!


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Christmas gift ideas from Best of British!

British Food Shop Perth - British Grocery Stores Perth | Best of British


Christmas gift ideas from Best of British!

The importance of ordering as soon as possible to get your orders in time.

The weather is finally starting to warm up here in Australia and getting colder in the UK and Ireland which can only mean one thing… The festive season is almost upon us! It seems to sneak up every year, leaving us all scrambling to find quality gifts in time to pop under the Christmas tree.

The absolute best way to simplify your Christmas shopping is to order online early with Best of British food store and let us deliver gifts straight to you. We have a plethora of fantastic presents available, with tasty and attractive options to please even the Grinch!

British gifts Perth

Finding memorable British and Irish gifts Perth is a sure fire way to please any expat – whether they’ve been here for a month or decades! Choose a mug of their favourite British band, The Who, or make them howl with laughter with a hilarious Rodney or Del Boy Only Fools and Horses mask, or a Star Wars version.

Our beautiful range of Wrendale tea and coffee canisters, biscuit tins, and flower jugs, are a timeless choice for any friend or family member, along with some iconic tea and biscuits from our British and Irish food shop Perth.

Presents for the little ones

Shopping for kids presents can easily become stressful, with toy stores bursting at the seams with a million (cheaply made) options. Opt for a classic gift this Christmas, that will withstand tons of playtime while offering a reminder of the homeland.  Who can resist the age old favourite Paddington Bear!

Solid wooden toys like the Pull Along Stacking Train and Pull Along Dog are tried and tested gifts, and the Very Hungry Caterpillar Feeding Set will make proud parents nostalgically delighted! Order early to avoid postal delays, and you’re guaranteed to be the favourite Aunty or big brother this festive season!

Delicious selection gift boxes

Whether you’re looking to please a small child or an adult a selection box jam packed with tasty sweets and treats is guaranteed to put a grin on their face! Customer favourite’s include the British retro sweets box or the British Sweet Treats Selection Gift Box as well as the Welsh  or Scottish selection gift boxes or a range of Irish gifts each containing unique home treats found at no other shop in Perth.

Best of British

As leading suppliers of premium products – from sweets to groceries – from across the Indian Ocean, Best of British are proud to be the preferred British and Irish gift shop in Australia , for expats and locals alike. We want everyone to live the Australian dream while enjoying and remembering all our favourite foods from home!

With a huge selection of products available to purchase online, and Australia-wide delivery, it’s never been easier to find great Christmas presents from the best British and Irish Giftware shop in Australia . The current postal situation makes it imperative to get your orders in early – for more information about products or purchases don’t hesitate to get in touch today.

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What makes Best of British WA’s leading British and Irish Sweet Shop?


What makes Best of British WA’s leading British and Irish products?

We supply British Groceries, Confectionary, Laundry Products and so much more!

Best of British has cemented its reputation as the leading British food shop in Perth, stocking Irish, English, Welsh, and Scottish products, thanks to a simple ethos – bringing the taste of home a little closer. While it might have been a while since we’ve been home, there’s no reason we shouldn’t enjoy the small luxurious and favoured groceries we miss.

Run by friendly expats who are passionate about finding all the best original products for you to enjoy, each grocery item is shipped directly from the UK to guarantee only genuine (and delicious!) grocery items and treats are sourced.

Premium British food shop in Perth

We’re all about having the best of both worlds; living it up in the Perth sunshine while tucking into classic food items that trigger a serious case of nostalgia! While certain supermarkets try to stock a few products from the homeland, there’s no competing with the extensive range of grocery items found on our shelves.

Find your favourite drinks like Galaxy Instant Hot Chocolate, Mi Wadi Lemon, PG Tips teabags or Barry’s Tea, and stock up on classic pantry items like Alpen cereal, Colemans mustard, and Stute’s diabetic Jam. It’s the many unique grocery items found in store or online that makes us the preferred choice of British and Irish grocery stores Perth.

Incredible selection of confectionary

Nothing speaks of home like munching on an array of classic treats that you used to buy from the local shop. When it comes to Irish and British sweets Perth, Best of British has stocked all the best brands; Yorkie and Galaxy bars, Terry’s Chocolate Orange, and even Chewits and Wine Gums. Just call us Willy Wonka!

For those who prefer savoury snacks, we have plenty of Irish and British crisps in here in Perth and online. From Monster Munch, Quavers, and Walkers Squares, to the iconic Scampi Fries and McVities Mini Cheddars, we have something to satisfy any craving. 

Quintessential laundry items

Years of experience operating the most beloved British food store Perth has taught our knowledgeable staff a thing or two about nostalgia. Many customers pop in for a treat and stay for a full grocery shop, caught up in the incredible range of products they had almost forgotten about. 

British and Irish laundry products are some of our most popular items, with the resulting smell and feel of clothes washed in Fairy Non-Bio pods, or dried using Lenor’s tumble sheets, bringing up heaps of loving sentimentality. Why not try Mrs Hinch cleaning pods, a new partnership with iconic laundry brand Bold!

Leading suppliers of British products

Jemma Cousins decided to follow in her UK grandparents footsteps, and run a food shop. Best of British was born from her love of familiar treats and favourite groceries not available to her and fellow expats here WA, complimented by a knack for retail and a background in IT. 

Passionate about running a full-stocked Irish and British food store in Perth, importing straight from the UK, Jemma works hard to source any and all retro or contemporary products craved by her valued loyal customers. For more information or to enquire after a favourite treat, get in touch today!

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Did you know that some of the best British groceries are available to buy right here in Perth!

best of british groceries in perth


Did you know that some of the best British groceries are available to buy right here in Perth!

We also ship around the country

What if we told you it was possible to carry out a truly British and Irish food shop right here in Western Australia? No, we’re not talking about a few Fig Rolls or a squirt of HP sauce, but a full grocery shop where you can find all your favourite foods from home… Well, thanks to Best of British you absolutely can! 

As a family run store, you’ll not only find those delicious foods you love and miss, but a lovely crew of staff and customers who can relate to your cravings, and nostalgia for British and Irish products. Offering an incredibly wide range of groceries – from Robinsons Summer Fruits drink to Ambrosia pudding – we’re proud to be the only fully-stocked option for British and Irish grocery stores Perth.

Delicious treats from home

Wherever you hail from in the UK or Ireland , a trip to Best of British guarantees a plethora of food and grocery items you’ll recognise from your local shop back home. As well as sweet treats like the iconic Angel’s Delight pudding, and Sunday dinner staples like Aunt Bessies Yorkshire Pudding mix, you can find quality cleaning products like Bold’s pods for that fresh laundry smell.

While certain supermarket chains stock a few UK and Irish products in their aisles, the range is often limited and unreliable, with no delivery options. Operating as the leading UK and Irish food shop in Perth means a lot to our dedicated team, and we work hard to source all the best products for you to find right here in the heart of WA, with online shopping and delivery available nationwide. 

Your dependable grocery store

The secret to our popularity as the best UK and Irish food store Perth isn’t that much of a secret. Operating as an all-British team means we completely relate to the stresses and uncertainty of moving to a new country, and understand how finding your favorite groceries, snacks, and products can make life here a LOT easier. There’s nothing like a hot cuppa made from PG Tips tea bags with a McVites Rich Tea biscuit to ease the day!

Each item on our grocery list brings bucketloads of nostalgia as well as a delicious taste, and we’re more than happy to try to source your much-loved item from home if we don’t already have it. And if you’ve found yourself living in the bush or mine work-site and craving some Dr Pepper or Walkers ready salted crisps, you can jump online and arrange easy delivery.

British food shop in Perth

Finding your favourite British snacks at our store can be an epic discovery (shout out to Irn Bru for all our Scottish friends!), but that’s not all we have on offer. With a wide range of food and grocery products, you can stock up on enough items for a full week of UK meals – we’re talking breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

Grab some delicious cereal like nutritious Alpen, or smother your toast in tasty Stute’s diabetic jam. For lunch you can knock together a tasty sandwich loaded with Colman’s mustard spread, and dinner won’t be the same after you’ve remembered the classic taste of Maykway’s Curry Sauce Mix. Dessert comes in the form of the unmatchable Galaxy Instant Hot Chocolate, or a  few of Boland’s iconic Chocolate Kimberly biscuits

By stocking 1000’s of great brands, typically only found in the UK or Ireland, we offer our customers only genuine items, with new products constantly being added. As a family-run business we’re focused on offering you the best prices found in British grocery stores Perth.

Irish snacks in Perth

For any Irish expats here in Western Australia, the tastes of the Emerald Isle can be found right here in our fully stocked Irish food shop Perth. Often overlooked in those ‘world food’ aisles in the supermarkets, our range of Irish-made treats and groceries is second to none, such as Flavavan’s Original Irish porridge oats.

Fill the cupboards with Batchelors Irish baked beans for a tasty snack whenever you’re homesick, or buy a few cans of Cidona to clear the head after a night out. We love to keep a bottle of Chef tomato sauce on the kitchen table to show any visitors its superior taste to other sauces, or try a twist on a classic with Ballymaloe steak sauce with Irish stout.

Buy groceries from anywhere in Oz

Whether you have a grocery staple in mind you’re hoping to find in our store, or are looking to rediscover your favourite Irish and UK treats and products, drop into our store or browse online and be amazed at the nostalgia on offer. If you have a question about a particular item you’re after, please get in touch and we’ll do what we can to help!

We understand Australia is a big place, which is why we make it easy to order online and have all your British groceries and Irish snacks Perth delivered right to your door. Putting together a sample of your favourite products is also an epic surprise for a fellow UK expat, or a great unique gift for your Aussie pal.

Eat better with Best of British

The friendly team at Best of British are passionate about what we do, and love making our customers day when they find their favourite food item in our store. As a bunch of expats themselves, they bring a love of the UK and Ireland and a real sense of community to this specialist store. 

As a long-standing market leader for UK and Irish grocery stores Perth, the customer service matches up to our wide range of products available in store and online. Hoping to make each visit feel like a quick trip home, we’re here to help with any queries or requests – simply drop us a line today!

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Here are some of the top British and Irish cleaning products

Persil Bio Liquid


Here are some of the top British and Irish cleaning products


Find Minky, Mrs Hinch, and much more!

Just like margarine will never replace butter (on toast at least), supermarket cleaning brands can never take the place of classic British and Irish cleaning products Perth. While there are many Australian products to choose from, there’s something about the toughness of Flash All-Purpose spray, and the smell of a Zoflora disinfectant, that makes everything feel cleaner.


Dealing with home cleaning is not the mission it once seemed. For the past few years the idea of efficient tidying up and regular deep cleans has grown popular, thanks to social media influencers like Mrs Hinch (changing our lives one cleaning hack at a time), and shows like Tidying up with Marie Kondo (teaching the world to organise, properly!).


So why not tackle those cleaning chores head on, grabbing some of your much beloved Irish and British laundry products and cleaning sprays from Best of British as key motivation. Your mum will be so proud!

Tried and tested

There’s a reason why so many laundry cleaning products from Britain and Ireland are lauded around the world, and it has a lot to do with quality. Long standing family businesses that focused on well-made, premium products have led to the success of a lot of the brands we recognise today. 


This dedication to hard work, and consistently improving results over generations, has led to amazing product quality that can be relied on to tackle even the most foul of clean-ups. That said, it might just be their delicious fragrances (bringing bucketloads of nostalgia) that keep so many customers loyal to their favourite Irish and British cleaning products Perth!

Freshen up that laundry

Whenever you take a trip home, it’s often the smell of freshly washed clothes at your parents house that has the ability to send you back to childhood. This can be a fantastic thing to recreate here in Perth with British and Irish laundry products, as wearing that smell all day has a supreme ability to put you in a good mood.


Bold Washing Powder and Pods are a best seller, thanks to their powerful clean and delicious smell. They’re even Mrs Hinch cleaning approved, with a sold-out collaboration of winter edition pods! 


Astonish Laundry Stain Remover is a staple for many UK families, and Lenors line of laundry products are a fantastic choice for quality. But that’s not it… From Fairy Fabric Conditioner and Cold Wash Gel, to everyone’s favorite Fairy Non-Bio Pods, when it comes to classic Irish laundry products we have them all. 

An astonishingly clean oven

At Best of British we absolutely love Minky cleaning products; from scourers and anti-bacterial sponges, to cleaning dusters and cloths, each one is perfectly designed to remove any sign of dirt from your home. Pair Minky with the Astonish’s Oven and Cookware Cleaner and see your stove transform and gleam.


For those Irish shoppers looking for a deep clean, remember that yellow bottle found under the sink in every home?! Well now you can have your own original Cif Cream Cleaner, along with multiple Cif sprays designed to lift anything off your oven and grill. And when it comes to the dishes, there’s no better choice for Irish cleaning products Perth than the iconic Fairy washing up liquid.

Irish and British cleaning products Perth

Whether you’re in the market for an exciting new cleaning product, or have been missing your favourite scrubs and sprays from home, we stock an extensive range of British and Irish hygienic products that will knock your socks off. Here are a few superior brands we’re excited to recommend:


If you’ve never witnessed the magic of Febreze Fabric spray, well, you’re missing out. It truly freshens any sofa, blanket, or item of clothing with a few squirts, and the clean scent will be a breath of fresh air. For added refreshment try Febreze’s Air Mist and Air Fresheners.

Scrub Daddy

This uniquely named washing up tool, also known as Scrub Mommy, is a smiley face sponge that adapts to the water temperature for prime cleaning; hard in cold water and soft in warm water. They even have Daddy Caddys; the perfect suction holder to keep your scrubber safe and clean! Their scourers and erasers also do a fantastic job at tackling any tough stains, and the ever popular Screen Daddy product makes laptop or phone screen cleaning a piece of cake.


With an extensive range of scents, including warm winter and fresh grassy summer smells, Zoflora Disinfectants can be a transformative addition to any cleaning cupboard. These multi-purpose cleaning products are concentrated, making it a cinch to dilute and tackle large areas while killing 99.9% of germs.

A safe choice

While there are many reasons for choosing premium Irish and British cleaning products Perth, from quality and reliability to nostalgia, the reality is these soaps and scrubs are the safest choice. The health and safety standards in the UK and Ireland are tough, ensuring each spray bottle passes the test for both quality of ingredients and safety for kids. 


When you select a cleaning product you’re not just choosing for yourself, but for all the family and friends you live with, and host at your home. It’s an unfortunate reality that many cheaper products you see on the shelves are not properly regulated, but by choosing Made in Britain or Irish Quality approved options, you can rest assured you’ve made the safe choice.

Keep clean with Best of British

Not everyone understands the ups and downs of living abroad, particularly at a time when travel home isn’t possible. The Best of British team knows the feeling exactly, which is why we’re so passionate about making all your favourite products from Britain and Ireland available right here in Australia.

As well as all the best cleaning and laundry brands, we stock tons of iconic sweets, treats, and even footy merch; perfect for keeping any homesickness at bay. Browse our extensive range online of British and Irish cleaning products Perth, or pop into our Joondalup store to have a look in person. For any questions please get in touch, we’re happy to help wherever we can!

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Missing some of the tastes from home

British Food Shop Perth - British Grocery Stores Perth | Best of British


Missing some of the tastes from home?


Best of British have some of the best British and Irish sweets available in Perth

Let’s not beat around the bush. Whether you hail from England, Ireland, Scotland, or Wales, we all know that our sweets and crisps taste better. Hersheys smersheys, pass me that Cadbury’s! Or if you’re an Aussie yet to experience the joy that a Galaxy chocolate bar can bring, where have you been?!

Living abroad can bring a multitude of blessings into your life, but being so far from home can also have its downsides. As well as missing family and friends, going without your favourite treats is no good for anyone! Best of British is here to help, gathering all the classic crisps, chocolate, and goodies from home for you to enjoy right here in Australia.

Comfort food that can’t be beat

What is about the chocolate from our side of the pond that makes it taste so good? If it’s the quality of milk, then fingers crossed those cows keep doing what they’re doing, because it is truly delicious! Whatever the reason, many Brits in Australia struggle to get used to the lacklustre chocolate and sweets available Down Under.

Well, suffer no more. With an extensive range of premium British sweets available right here in Perth, you can indulge in all your favourite treats just as you would back home. From Galaxy chocolate bars like Caramel and Ripple, to salt and vinegar crisps from Walkers, we have all the classics for you to enjoy.

The perfect sugary gift

One of the best presents you can buy for a fellow ex-pat is a reminder from home, but with postage from Britain and Ireland being so expensive (and slow!) it’s rarely a viable option. What if you could wander around a classic British corner store, choosing some of the best treats for your mates birthday present? 

With Best of British you absolutely can. Visit our brick and mortar store in Joondalup, North Perth, to browse the aisles for that perfect tasty gift. A favourite option is a big ‘ol pile of sweets or British pick n’ mix in Perth. We stock Fruit Pastilles and Love Hearts, Dip Dabs and Drumsticks, Polo’s and Black Jackets, Wine Gums and Chewits, to name just a few of our bestsellers.

Terry’s Chocolate Orange anyone?!

We all have our favourites. You know, that one chocolate bar you spy in the sweets aisle that you simply cannot resist. If you’re missing your choice british confectionery treats from the UK, check out our extensive range of classic British chocolates in Perth. We bet you’ll spy an old favourite treat amongst all the bars and bags of treats, be it a Yorkie chocolate bar or a Curly Wurly.

Christmas and birthdays can be tough holidays when it comes to feeling homesick, but with our range of premium British chocolate you can relax and enjoy each nostalgic bite. Whether your family’s favoured seasonal treat was Fry’s Chocolate Cream, Walnut Whips, or a Terry’s Chocolate Orange, we have just what the doctor (or Santa Claus) ordered!

Best British crisps in Perth

If you have recently moved to Australia, be it for travel or some life experience, the snack selection can be a tough adjustment. For example, do Australian salt and vinegar crisps even have vinegar on them? Our mouths should be tingling! 

If you’ve been yearning for your favourite British crisps in Perth, browse our excellent selection and find those nostalgic packets of crisps that will have you licking your fingers. We stock Walkers Monster Munch, Hula Hoops, Disco crisp flavours, Wotsits, Scampi Fries, and Cheese and Onion in Australia, to name but a few.

Our brick and mortar store in Joondalup stocks all the best British crisps in Perth, as well as a fully stocked website where you can have all your favourite packets of crisps delivered right to your door. 

Something (delicious) for everyone

For the Irish around Western Australia, nothing beats the flavour of Tayto’s Cheese and Onion flavoured crisps, although the iconic Smiths Bacon Fries (often found at the local pub along with their Scampi Fries!) come a close second.

Whatever your snack of choice from the UK and Ireland might be, the team at Best of British has worked hard to make them available to you here in your new home away from home. Choose a selection of treats as a fantastic present, or stock up on your ultimate British sweets in Perth for the greatest late night snack ever.

The tastes of home

Nostalgia is a powerful thing, with the ability to bring us extreme joy and happiness. When it comes to memorable treats like the delicious crisps and chocolates we grew up with, the taste combines with nostalgia in a way that will blow your mind!

So why not make yourself feel amazing, with some iconic British pick n mix in Perth. When was the last time you had a REAL sherbet lemon sweet, or sour apple, bon bon, sarsaparilla, fruit salad, humbug, or banana sweets and Fruit Gum? Too long we’ll bet! Break that tasteless cycle and head to your favoured supplier of iconic British sweets right here in Perth.

Indulge with Best of British

As passionate suppliers of all things from the UK and Ireland, the team at Best of British is here to bring you nostalgia from home without those extortionate shipping costs. From chocolate oranges to salt and vinegar crisps, we can help satisfy those cravings!

As well as iconic British chocolates in Perth, we also stock an epic range of football merchandise, kids toys, beauty products, and much more. For further details on our extensive range of British chocolate in Perth, along with crisps and sweets, browse our online store, or for any queries please get in touch today. We’ll be happy to hear from you!

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The British and Their Love of Tea

The British and Their Love of Tea

You may have heard of brands such as Yorkshire Tea, PG, Barry’s, or even Lyons. That’s because The Brits are obsessed with their tea! If you doubt that, simply take a look at all the fancy associated terms that they have coined! There is high tea, low tea, afternoon tea, cream tea and simply, tea. For some statistics, Europeans race through one hundred and sixty-five million cups of tea every day! Convinced about the obsession as well as confused a little? Fantastic, because here we take a look at why, when and how the British love their tea!

The Beginning of a Bea-Tea-Full Romance

You have no doubt heard about the British East India Company. In the mid-sixteenth century, the British East India Company played cupid and created an unlimited and growing supply of tea as part of British imports. This came at a time when Britain was excluded from coffee exports from the Mediterranean region due to their wars with France. So, while their neighbors got hooked on coffee, Britain fell in love with their cup of tea.

You would be correct to think that tea initially used to be the drink of choice for aristocrats and the wealthy. However, the rising prices of tea crafted the path for tea smuggling and fake tea. Used tea leaves were mixed with other dried leaves and then sold at cheap prices. This made sure that the labour class had access to this divine beverage and the rest is history!

The Duchess of Bedford deserves special mention in the story of the thriving relationship between the British and their beloved beverage. Thanks to her hungry tummy, she paved the way for the social convention of low tea or afternoon tea. All she did was begin to enjoy a hearty pot of tea with a light snack to keep her stomach from grumbling in the late afternoons. Before long, low tea became a social event and even got officialised when Queen Victoria held a low tea event at Buckingham Palace.

Understanding the Tea Terminology

Low tea or afternoon tea is a pot of tea (or two) served in the late afternoon with an accompaniment of scones, finger sandwiches, pastries and homemade cakes. Low tea is called so for the tea and snacks were served on low tables. If you want to host your own afternoon tea party, you can find all the necessary supplies in British grocery stores Perth.


A simpler version of low tea is known as cream tea, which is contrary to popular notion, not cream mixed in tea. Rather it is the practice of having a pot of warm tea with scones, clotted cream and jam.

High tea or meal tea is a heavy meal of meat pies, casseroles, vegetables and bread washed down with a pot of tea. This teatime meal was typically eaten by workers and laborers at the end of the day. The term high tea comes from the fact that the meal was served on high (regular) tables. If you wish to enjoy a high tea at home with family, you can find the necessary supplies for some quintessential items at Best of British, located in Perth.

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Cadbury Dairy Milk wears the chocolate crown

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British Chocolate Is The Favourite – At Home And Away

What’s your favourite chocolate bar? Galaxy? Lindt? Green & Black? In 2018, a UK survey created a chocolate popularity contest which named Cadbury Dairy Milk as the national winner.

The survey by savings website positioned Cadbury Dairy Milk as the UK’S favourite chocolate bar. The top ten results were:

  1. Cadbury Dairy Milk
  2. Snickers
  3. Bounty
  4. Flake
  5. Twirl
  6. Mars Bar
  7. Twix
  8. Kit Kat Chunky
  9. Kit Kat
  10. Crunchie

But the survey revealed many other statistics about Britain’s chocolate obsession.

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Chocolate Preferences Divide Audiences

The UK’s Channel 5 used the survey results to create a tv series about British tastes, starting with chocolate bars. (Later on, they tackled crisps – but that’s another story!)

While the show didn’t get a lot of favourable reviews, the results caused plenty of online discussion and – in some cases – indignation.

Many people joined the online debate to dispute the ranking of their personal favourites. Others suggested that Dairy Milk doesn’t taste as good as it used to…

Meanwhile, down under, according to Cadbury’s website, their Dairy Milk chocolate is ‘the most popular moulded chocolate bar in Australia’. UK and Irish expats tend to disagree.

Aussie Chocolate Fails The Expat Taste Test

For decades, expats have been convinced the chocolate made in Oz includes an ingredient that stops it melting in high temperatures but alters the taste.

A simple online search reveals a lot of discussion by chocolate-loving expats and some from chocolate experts, but not much from Cadbury.

The British and Irish expats continue to claim their Aussie chocolate – especially Cadbury Dairy Milk – tastes different.

In 2012, Cadbury did file a patent for chocolate that can go for 3 hours in 104°F/40°C before melting. At the time, Kraft Food’s head of corporate affairs (yes, Kraft Food own Cadbury) was widely quoted as saying the chocolate would not taste as good.

Is It Simply A Sweet Memory?

Experts suggest a range of reasons why chocolate might taste different from how you remember or expect. These include variations in the taste of milk from country to country, changes to ingredient quantities or different cooking methods used to produce the chocolate.

And of course, your childhood memories could also play a part.

Luckily, at Best of British, we specialise in childhood memories. Our original British and Irish chocolate bars are imported direct from the UK and Ireland.

So, who really cares what the survey says? You already know what you love. Whether your chocolate heart belongs to Dairy Milk or a Lion Bar, Topic or Bournville, we can help you get your fix.

Both our online store and our shop in Joondalup, Western Australia, are jam-packed with chocolate bars and other treats from home. Pop in and take a look around.

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You say potato – we say… crisps, chips or fries

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When Is A Chip Not A Chip?

Maybe the real question is when is a chip not a chip? Because your answer to this highly contentious question is a pretty big clue about where you grew up.

Never wondered about the names of these delicious deep-fried slices of potato? Then, chances are, you’re not much of a traveller.

But, every British, Irish, Australian or American abroad has usually, at some point, received a surprise when they’ve ordered chips. Or a shock. Because, depending on where you are, a chip is not always a chip! Confused yet?

A Twitter Chip Debate

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In 2016, one Tweet about these deep-fried delights drew Twitter users around the world into the great chip debate. The tweet referred to the above image and stated:

‘The first one is Chips
The second one is Fries
The third one is Crisps’
Uproar along with more than 29,000 retweets followed. People around the globe argued or joked about their take on the correct names to use.

We can’t check for an update because the Twitter account that started it all has been removed. But it’s safe to say it proved a divisive subject.

How To Order The Right Chips

We’d like to help you avoid confusion and the frustration of ordering the wrong chips the next time you’re abroad.

So, we’ve put together a handy table to track the most commonly used names for sliced, fried potatoes in Britain and Ireland, Australia and New Zealand, and America and Canada.

Description Britain and Ireland: Australia and New Zealand America and Canada
Thick, chunky pieces of potato – deep-fried and served hot, often with fish/chicken/steak (salt and vinegar optional) Chips Hot chips Fries
Thin pieces of potato – deep-fried and served hot, often with burgers (think McDonalds). Fries Fries French Fries
Thin, round slices of deep-fried potato sold in sealed bags and served cold. Crisps Chips Chips

What About Other Popular British And Irish Snacks?

And yes, we know we’ve left some questions unanswered. Where do steak, shoestring or skin-on fries fit into the mix? Are corn chips crisps? What about Skips, Quavers, and Monster Munch?

Well, at Best of British, we don’t think a crisp could ever be mistaken for a chip. We should know – we stock loads of different crisps but absolutely no potatoes!

As for the rest… try tweeting about it and you’re sure to get some answers!